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Teacher/Workshop Application

Welcome potential yoga teachers, musicians, and workshop facilitators! Join us in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest for a celebration of food, art, music, and yoga. If your unique talents are a fit for our vibrant community, we want to know! Please consider the opportunity to share your gifts amid the beauty of nature, fostering connection and joy. Be part of an unforgettable experience where creativity thrives. We look forward to welcoming you to this harmonious blend of inspiration and celebration!

This is a paid opportunity. Deadline to fill out the application is February 25, 2024 at midnight. 

If chosen, you will be expected to...

  • Teachers will teach two classes/workshops/experiences that last 90 minutes each

  • Participate in opening and closing ceremony 

  • Help promote the event: post 4 times a month on social media, share stories or posts, place flyer in studio, share in newsletter and on website 

  • Teachers are expected to arrive July 20 and stay all weekend to July 23

  • Participate in other classes/workshops during the Feast

  • Follow NWYF on social media (Instagram and Facebook)


  • Certified instructor 

  • Presently practicing

  • Presently teaching

  • Over 500 in training 

  • Live in PNW/NW

  • Active on social media, website and newsletter (means of communication with students) 

Other Important Items

  • All teachers are expected to arrive Thursday, July 20 late afternoon to orientate with the property and other teachers stay all weekend to participate in the Feast. Then leave Sunday, July 23 afternoon after closing ceremony 

  • The official retreat's dates are July 21-July 23 (attendees begin to arrive Friday afternoon)

  • This is a paid opportunity

  • Deadline to submit teacher application is January 29, 2023

  • Accommodations are camping - there are a few spots to park a small trailer or van (please let us know if your interested in camping in your trailer or van)

  • ALL MEALS are provided

Also, if you have any other ideas for the Feast that would elevate the weekend please let us know! In the past we have had people who helped build crowns for the attendees or painted on their bodies. These happen outside of class time and are additional ways to come together as community. We are open to creative ideas!

Classes can range from a physical experience such as asana or positive body movement class like dancing, Shamanic experience, acro Yoga, to reiki, energy work, meditation, Kirtan, sound bowl healing. Or it can be more rooted in a workshop such as Ayurvedic teaching or painting. Please be creative and fuse practices together. Each teacher will teach two classes that are 90 minutes each. We love and welcome a variety of offerings! Anything that revolves around moving inward to heal and uplift their vibrations so our attendees feel empowered to live their truth out in the community!

If chosen to offer a workshop at NWYF, this is the expectation set forth from our agreement. Please read in full before applying:


NWYF will provide a media kit for you that includes all of our promotional material for the 2024 event as well as custom graphics just for you. Please ensure consistency in branding by using approved event logos, banners, and promotional materials. If you aren’t sure about something, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.


Event Name: Northwest Yoga Feast

Date: July 19 - 21, 2024 starting at 3pm on Friday and ending at 1pm on Sunday

Location: The Eureka Center at 6162 Eureka Road, Sagle, ID 83860


Social Media Promotion:

Share event details on your personal and professional social media accounts.

Use relevant hashtags and mention the event's official social media handles.

Create engaging posts that highlight the unique aspects of the event.


Email Marketing:

If applicable, include event information in your newsletters or emails to your yoga community.

Encourage your subscribers to attend and share the event details with their networks.


Website/Blog Promotion:

If applicable, feature the event on your personal or studio website.

Include a dedicated blog post about the event, emphasizing its benefits and uniqueness.


In-Person Promotion:

Display event flyers or posters at your yoga studio or relevant community spaces.

Verbally promote the event during your regular classes and workshops.



Start promoting the event once you have confirmed you will be teaching, leading up to the scheduled date.

Regularly share updates and reminders as the event approaches.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact us.

Each teacher is required to teach two 90-minute offerings. 


Please provide us with enough information to get an understanding of the class: 

- style

- a journey of the offering

- what you want students to receive from the offering

- what you'll need from the Feast, sound system, indoor/outdoor location, etc.


Please provide us with enough information to get an understanding of the class: 

- style

- a journey of the offering

- what you want students to receive from the offering

- what you'll need from the Feast, sound system, indoor/outdoor location, etc.

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Thanks for submitting! Your information has been received. We will review it and be in touch.

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