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Educational Programs

The Eureka Institute exists to cultivate, inspire and encourage people who endeavor to make the world better.

The Eureka Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization committed to
life-long learning and leadership through education, experiential and recreational programming.

Current Programs:

Construction Basics Initiative

We help underserved youth develop life-skill sets that enable them become productive and valued members of society. Students learn the basics of building while experiencing the the gratification of completing a project that deeply benefits their community.


Northwest Yoga Feast

The Eureka Institute is honored each year to bring the Northwest Yoga Feast to the Idaho Panhandle, offering a captivating weekend of enrichment for the body, mind and spirit. Our extraordinary chef, Alana Joy, puts the Feast in YogaFeast with her amazing cuisine.

We Bridge The Gap.

Our nonprofit organization is deeply committed to identifying and addressing critical needs within our community, striving to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. Through careful observation and engagement with community members, we identify community issues and create multifaceted programs aimed at bridging these gaps. 

Previous Programs:

Free Meal Initiative

The Eureka Institute noticed a rising demand for free meals during the pandemic. This program stemmed from the Eureka team's desire to serve in times of need. We raised over $20,000 and served 3,000 meals in 2020, providing a direct opportunity to help those in need. Thank you to everyone who donated time, money, and food. Together, we made a difference!

Image by Danijela Prijovic

Lake Pend Oreille Kayak Trips

The Eureka Institute offered exclusive kayak expeditions on Lake Pend Oreille, which included overnight stays on U.S. Forest Service property. Renowned for its clear water and scenic beauty, these trips catered to both advanced and novice groups, promising a unique experience in the Northwest.

Sandpoint Men's Group

The Sandpoint Men's Group hosts a two-day retreat within the first year of membership, offering training in emotional exploration. Led by the Stewardship Council, this year's focus extends to healing and self-discovery, fostering unity and growth. Amidst rapid expansion, the retreat provides a vital opportunity for connection and initial meetings among members.


Wildcore Movement

Wildcore offers transformative classes designed to condition the body, encourage free expression, clear energy, revitalize cells, and enhance mental well-being. For deeper guidance and transformation, explore the Signature Program, featuring daily energy hygiene tools, exclusive videos, and personalized coaching with Brietta, empowering you to follow your intuition toward profound growth.

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