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Directions to the Eureka Center


The Eureka Center is centrally located in the northwest and easy to get to. Technology is an incredible tool as you can see by the interactive map that Mapquest has provided us. However it does not come without it's flaws. Not all GPS systems and mapping applications have the Center in the correct location and cell service is not available at the property. Please print these directions for your journey, screenshot them on your phone, or copy/paste them as a note into your phone.

The Eureka Center
6162 Eureka Rd
Sagle, ID  83860

Take Highway 95 either from the north or south until you reach Sagle Road, approximately 6 miles south of Sandpoint. Follow signs directing you to Garfield Bay. Turn east onto Sagle Road and travel for 11 miles. Keep an eye out for Eureka Road on your left (it's more like going straight as Sagle Road veers to the right). Drive only 50 yards down Eureka Road, and you'll find us at the first driveway on the left, marked with the address 6162 on the mailbox.

For further assistance or clarification, don't hesitate to call us at (208) 597-6391. In case you get lost, you can get cell service at either Garfield or Bottle Bay. If needed, make your way there and give us a call. Please note, our office is located in downtown Sandpoint and is NOT The Eureka Center.

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6162 Eureka Road. Sagle, ID 83860

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