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The Eureka Institute is committed to bringing Sandpoint SummerFest to the Eureka Center for many years to come.  This is our most important fundraising event of the year and Its continued success depends on the respect of our rules, guidelines below and stewardship of the land.
FRONT GATE/SCHEDULE: Gate opens Friday at 2:00pm and Saturday at 11:00am.

Music starts at 4:00pm on Friday, 9:00am on Saturday. Movement Class is held at 10:00am.
Sandpoint SummerFest happens at The Eureka Center, located at 6162 Eureka Road in Sagle, Idaho. 


From either the north or south, take Highway 95 to Sagle Road, which is around 6 miles south of Sandpoint. Look for signs directing you to Garfield Bay. Then, head east on Sagle Road for 11 miles, ensuring to bear left at the two Y intersections along the way. Once you reach Eureka Road on the left, continue straight (as Sagle Road veers right). After just 50 yards on Eureka Road, you'll find our driveway on the left, marked with the address 6162 on the mailbox.


Click here for directions/map


PETS: No pets allowed. Please keep your furry friends at home.

CAMP STOVES:  No camp stoves are allowed during the summer during fire season. There will be plenty of hot food available, provided by Eichardt’s, a local eatery and pub and please feel free to bring as much cold and pre-cooked food as you like.

CAMPING: There will be camping spaces provided for both those who wish to camp near their car and those who wish the solitude of the meadow for tent camping. If you are planning on bringing a RV, School Bus, or any other RV-type vehicle it’s best to call before the event so we can reserve a space for you.

ALCOHOL: We ask that you drink responsibly, be respectful, and set a good example for the young people in attendance. Your safety and the safety of others is our top priority. If you plan on drinking, we encourage you to camp, spend the weekend and have fun. If you know you will be leaving the property after 11:00pm, please check in with Willie Gatsby, our head of security, and let him know you have a designated driver. Otherwise you will be questioned at the gate and risk the possibility of your keys being taken until morning. Drinking and driving will not be tolerated.

SMOKING: Smoking will be allowed in two designated areas only - NO EXCEPTIONS! Please check in with the front gate for these locations. Due to the extreme fire danger in the summer, this rule will be strictly enforced.

TRASH: Garbage cans will be distributed throughout the property. Please use them and/or pack out your own trash. We appreciate your help in keeping the Eureka Center property clean and beautiful.

SWIMMING: You may only use the public beaches at Garfield Bay and Green Bay. Gamlin Lake and Martin Bay are off limits! Please help keep the neighbors happy.

WRISTBANDS: Everyone must wear wristbands for the duration of the event. Anyone without a wristband will be asked to purchase a ticket or be escorted off the property.

RESPECT: There will be many children and families at the event. Please be considerate and respectful of everyone. The main house and yurt are off limits unless there is an emergency. Please do not venture onto our neighbor’s property. Please report any observed violations to event security, staff members or volunteers.
VENDOR INFORMATION: Friday setup should be completed no later than 2:00pm. Saturday setup starts at 9:00am. Your car should be parked and out of the way by 10:00am. If you have questions, please talk with event security, staff member or volunteer.  

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This event is made possible and is brought to you by the Eureka Institute, whose mission is to foster life-long learning and leadership through education, experiential and recreational programming. The Eureka Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

6162 Eureka Road. Sagle, ID 83860

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