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The NWYF teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide practitioners on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being. Each workshop is thoughtfully curated to cater to practitioners of all levels, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

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Meet Our 2024 Teachers

More Teachers Will Be Announced Soon!

Shannon Liebel

Christine Matt

Brietta Leader

E-RYT 500, YACEP®, FRCms, MA, Owner of Still Water Yoga & Wellness - In her youth, Shannon trained in artistic and acrobatic gymnastics and competed at the elite and international level. Shannon received a BA in Psychology and MA in Clinical Counseling. When she discovered yoga in 2005, it was the perfect balance of the mental work she enjoyed in Psychology and the physical movement of the body that she loved in gymnastics. Shannon received her RYT 200 with Yax Yoga Concepts in 2012 and began teaching right away, and then opened her studio in Lake Tahoe in 2016. Nine months after the studio opened, Shannon had open heart surgery and this experience only strengthened her belief in the power of yoga. In 2018, she furthered her education and trained in Thailand with Beyond Bryce to receive her RYT 500, and also received her FRCms with Functional Anatomy seminars later that year. Shannon strongly believes in the connection between mind, body, and soul, and this reflects in her Vinyasa style teaching. She is the owner of Still Water Yoga & Wellness, and recently opened a second location in Bend, OR. She teaches daily classes, facilitates workshops and yoga teacher trainings, runs international yoga retreats, and teaches at a variety of yoga festivals in the US.

Shannon Liebel Yoga

For as long as I can remember I have been in pursuit of a deeper connection to my inner being and the nonmaterial aspects of life. Moving my body in an authentic and rhythmic way, whether through biking, running, or weight lifting has always been a way for me to connect to the deeper parts of myself. Directly after college, I discovered yoga as a form of movement. I found it to be such a beautiful synthesis of movement and stillness, body and soul, material and nonphysical, that I knew immediately this form of movement was a natural fit for me. I have been practicing yoga in its many forms ever since that time. After many years of personal practice, I decided to teach. Teaching is a way for me to share what I am learning and a way for me to inspire others to grow. Primarily, I teach as a way of helping others to feel good in their bodies. I also love encouraging others to find freedom. Just as the primary quality of the ocean is saltiness, our primary human calling is for freedom. To teach is to open the gate to more freedom; mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Christine Matt Yoga

Brietta has been a pioneer of dance in its many forms of healing, prayer, play, and conditioning in small mountain towns for over twenty years. She carries the lineage of the ancient art of dance within her soul. Her book Wild Core shares her initiations, discoveries, education, and the wild devotion that birthed her movement form called WildCore™. Brietta offers her healing artistry to people across the globe, supporting them to access their own wild core through movement. She owns the Embody Center for the Healing in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Brietta Leader Movement

Rob and Melissa are kirtan singers and yoga teachers devoted to sharing their love of kirtan and Bhakti Yoga wherever they go. The husband and wife duo is based in the Pacific Northwest, but they lead kirtans, workshops, and retreats all over the world. They have shared their music at numerous yoga festivals in the US, including Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, Prana Fest, Samsara Fest, and the Northwest Yoga Feast. Their music has been described as “heart-opening bliss,” “joyful medicine,” and “love and devotion materialized!” Whether you’re new to kirtan or a life long devotee, Rob and Melissa create a fun, accessible and sacred space...the perfect setting for a joy-filled celebration of the divine!

Rob and Melissa Kirtan

Rob and Melissa

Matthew is a Soma Breath facilitator and a Somatic coach. He is inspired to share these life-changing processes with everyone. Since a young age, Matthew has had a deep curiosity and drive for exploring the human body, mind & spirit. Experiencing a back injury at age 18, Matthew needed a long-term solution for managing and healing the pain. Committed to a deeper healing process he discovered Soma Breath and Somatic coaching. It was through these modalities he unearthed a sacred connection to breath & body (spirit & soma), what has become an essential relationship to nurture.

Matthew Chavez Yoga

Matthew Chavez

Holly Walker is an artist and art teacher deeply rooted in her hometown of Sandpoint, Idaho. Engaging with the community, she collaborates on art projects that connect students, artists, organizations, and local residents. Holly holds a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Idaho and a Masters in Art Education from Boise State University. With 18 years of experience teaching high school art at a rural charter school, she also leads art classes and workshops for adults, encouraging them to explore their creative visions. Holly's current artistic focus revolves around acrylic and watercolor painting and illustration inspired by nature. Her artwork, including paintings, greeting cards, stickers, and prints, is available for purchase through her Etsy shop, at the Farmers Market, and at regional craft fairs. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of Lake Pend Oreille and the Selkirk Mountains, Holly enjoys spending time with her friends and family, embracing the outdoors in every season.

Holly Walker Yoga

Holly Walker

A forever student, MJ has immersed herself in the many paths, teachings, and practices of yoga for over 24 years. Her style is her own: unique, inspired, informed, creative, intuitive, and expressive. Each class attends to the many layers of our being by fusing gentle vinyasa, core stability, yoga philosophy, pranayama, mudra, and mantra into a tapestry of self-discovery. MJ's gentle and warm presence exudes an open invitation to practitioners of all levels, creating a safe and non-judgmental environment for people to show up just as they are.

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MJ Daniels Sound Healing

MJ Daniels

Ara Lyman began her yoga journey in 2001 at Harmony Yoga in Spokane, WA after experiencing painful tendonitis. Yoga asana immediately helped and she never turned back from the practice as a means to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit. She has been teaching full time since 2009 with a 200hr certification from Spokane Yoga School, 350hr Hot Yoga certification from Beth Gallis, a private Baptiste training from Rhea Slichter, 200hr KRI certification from Guru Singh and Sada Simran, 500hr Radiant Body certification from Kia Miller, level 3 sound certification with Geoffrey Torkington and continues to learn from many teachers. She is currently studying for certification as an Ayurvedic counselor. Her classes and trainings are steeped in philosophy, safe, energizing movement, mantra, pranayama and sound healing with himalayan, alchemy crystal bowls and gongs. She currently teaches Hatha vinyasa, hot 26&2 and Kundalini yoga. Ara is committed to a regular asana practice and a daily sadhana consisting of mantra and pranayama. Ara teaches and practices yoga as a means of Self liberation, realization and healing. "Heal the world by healing yourself."

Ara Lyman Sound Healing

Ara Lyman

For 25 years, Amber has been teaching several forms of yoga and meditation, holding ceremony & ritual circles, facilitating shadow work and psycho-spiritual healing practices. Her greatest hope is to bring the right alchemy of depth and light to offer a hand in helping communities access their own inner sanctuary of loving awareness, stillness, and steady joy. We all have allies of support and wisdom that we can only access by spending the time going inward. Amber’s purpose is to help you attune and engage with yours. To walk with you as you clarify and trust your own empowerments. Whether it's through ceremony, ritual, shamanic journeying, sacred visioning, psychology, meditation or yoga nidra, the teachings stream through the collective field of Loving Presence, Nature, and The Sacred. In a physical class, you’ll likely flow consciously and creatively, honoring the physical form by igniting the formless.. Amber is a Shamanic Practitioner, certified Reiki Master, certified Mediation Teacher, holds several Yoga Nidra teacher certifications, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Health Psychology from Bastyr University and a Master’s Degree in Integrative Studies in Psychology from Antioch University. This never ending path of healing and growth is a very well loved path.

Amber Tande Yoga

Amber Tande

Everyone deserves peace. This is my "why." I share the practices I do because they are the ones that have guided me over my 17 years of teaching yoga. These practices helped me develop my steadfast resiliency, meanwhile allowing spaciousness for contemplative reflection. Whether it's teaching meditation to teachers in a public school, guiding groups of middle schoolers toward a state of calm while in my office, leading a group of experienced yogis into longer held poses, or playing outside on slacklines fastened to tall PNW fir trees, my intention is simple; to guide my students and community toward an experience of wholehearted and integrated peace.

Erika Yoga

Erika Dixon

Greta is a yoga teacher, ritualist, and Ayurveda wellness coach with over 25 years of experience sharing practices for liberation, healing, and awake living. She is a teacher of teachers and a compassionate guide devoted to helping students cultivate joy, find deep purpose, and connect to the Sacred. Her teaching is a heart-centered, empowering fusion of form and flow, and each class takes you on a journey that weaves together creative asana with functional movement, biomechanics, mantra and mudra, breathwork, lunar rhythms, and yogic wisdom for modern life. Expect to meet the whole of yourself in a practice that embraces the totality of what it means to be human. Besides yoga, Greta is an avid traveler and is passionate about live music, theater, the ocean, non-dual Tantric philosophy, and road-tripping. She has lived and taught extensively around the world and is happy to now call West Seattle home, where she lives with her husband and one naughty whippet.

Greta Hill Yoga

Greta Hill

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